Punk Accessories

Anarchy used to be much more that it is today. It used to mean change, progress, democracy. As the world gets bigger and more populated we have less protests about the thing we don’t agree with regarding politics and new laws.

Anarchy used to mean so much that it created it’s own style! Leather and darkness, needles and eyeliners. As we talk on this blog about different lifestyles that were created following the music preference, we can’t miss talking about Punk.

What makes an outfit?

Even a little black dress gets a completely different edge when a gold necklace is on your neck. What about if you were wearing clowns hat with that black dress? Obviously accessorize takes outfit to the next level. Is punk accessorize all about spiked mohawks and Dr. Martens…? Let’s take a closer look.

All the ways you can show your protest!

Leather jackets…. Oh Satan, don’t we all love leather! Especially those beautiful leather jackets with zips on the side and a bunch of metal décor over them. Black jeans, black shirt and black leather jacket is just a perfect outfit for absolutely everything (from funeral to a wedding, just saying). If you put some pins or stitches of your favourite bands or a sign of political protest, even better! Show yourself to the world, put what is in your mind for everyone out there to hear. This shows exactly what punk, goth and rock are giving to the people – their voices to express themselves!

And what about glorious Dr. Martens? Today’s mainstream fashion is changing every three months. Or even less? In the end high fashion designers didn’t know what to do anymore so they started mixing fashion styles. It went so far that we can see in today’s nightclubs girls are casually wearing Dr. Martens and ripped off fishnet stockings with darker make up while listening to Justin Bieber. Opinions about labels like Zara, H&M, etc. getting their “dirty” hands on our precious punk shoes are divided. Some would say fashion is supposed to bring people together but others don’t agree with taking parts that you like and then, when you get bored or they are outdated, just throw them away.

Quick look at the most significant accessories for our beloved Punk Fashionistas

Except for obvious good choice for music, what else characterize one as a Punk style? Chuck Taylors Converse for starters, add some ripped off jeans and that leather jacket we talked about and you can join The Ramones. But because we are talking about rebellion and no rules, why would you follow these? You can do big chain choker necklace, you can wear half cut denim jacket covered in paint, you can experiment, put on yourself all accessorize that you love at once or none at all. And do you know why? Because it’s in you. Maybe there’s a Pentagram tattoo on your forehead or safety pin earrings on you, but before all of that – carry in yourself a desire to change the world!

Punk as high couture fashion. Yes!

We need to remember beautiful Met Gala from 2013. when the theme for the first Monday in May exhibition was "Punk: Chaos to Couture". I REALLY want you to take a second and go online and look at all those beautiful pieces that were exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s.

Honorable mentions

Yes, I know I said carry its in you – but I want to stop being so dramatic and actually write down some of the amazing punk accessorize except the ones we have already mentioned.

As punk influenced many and was influenced by many – here are maybe some accessorize you wouldn’t consider punk, but it’s fine – you have my approval.

Wear anything you made, any DIY clothes. Wear studded belts, pins and metal, chokers and military. Leopard print skirts and a fluffy coat. Tutu and combat boots! Yes! Everything. Don’t ever be afraid to wear what you want think what you want and be real Sons and Daughters of Anarchy. And my message to you is – wear all these accessorize but always be ready to go in a mosh pit on a concert of your favourite punk band.

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