Life-size Lolita Dolls

Japan will forever be considered country of innovations, from fashion to technology. Tokyo is blessed among other things with Harajuku street which is a holy place for fashionistas. That street was the starting point of many trends that went worldwide. Today’s topic is about a fashion trend that only got it’s name in the Western culture but East did the rest.

Not THAT Lolita!

When you read Lolita – what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A girl that’s seducing you while blushing and giving you a puppy look under the eyebrows? Something pornographic and definitely not decent? That is because that name is so strongly connected to Nabokov’s 1955 novel. But people in Lolita lifestyle and fashion don’t even know about it and the ones who do hate the connection.

What happened to Lolita after 1955?

Well, first movie from Kubrick and then porn movies. But what happened next is that a cute Victorian doll came to life and created a Lolita subculture and a lifestyle. Rococo and Victorian era inspired Lolita outfits with lots of ribbons, palette colours, lace and frills. What is considered beautiful or cute in Lolita fashion is separate from mainstream tastes and trends. It’s about dressing for your own enjoyment. And, as a plus – sweet is sexy.

Dark side of Lolita

Lolita fashion style emerged in the 80’s so until today many different doll-like styles have gotten it’s way to the real life dolls. From Sweet to Gothic – the choice is yours.

In 90’s there was a big breakthrough of Visual Kei (visual type) of bands in Japan and the most influential one was definitely Malice Mizer. During their performance leading singers would wear theatrical and dramatic looks such as theatrical Victorian woman dresses. Today he is the owner of the biggest Gothic Lolita label Moi-même-Moitié. The label offers a line for woman but as well for man. With prejudice some would say that man that dress up Lolita style are gay or trans, but hold up. No! They just like it and it’s their style preference and their name is “brolitas”. How cool is that?!

What is Gothic or Sweet Lolita about?

Just living their life the way they want and how they want it. Like any other subculture that has it’s religious followers, Lolita’s are dressing up for themselves and absolutely no one else. Style strives for cuteness, elegance and romance. Fairy tales that will last forever. Their lives are like children playgrounds, where they don’t care about what someone thinks about them – they are happy. Remember how careless we used to be? Imagine being so free! Free like Lolita.

Lolita community is striving for self esteem and finding beauty in small things. For all sizes, shapes and genders to be proud of themselves and be happy with their choices.

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