Beauty Cages: Corsets

The saying goes Beauty hurts and I wouldn’t be surprised if it started when woman decided to wear corsets. Let’s get a bit nerdy and go through the history of this thing that was basically made to torture woman and today is used as a street style wear to the bedroom fetish.

A drawing of about 20,000 years old, found in Neolithic Brandon in Norfolk, shows a woman wearing body scarves, probably shaped on her body while the skin was still fresh, attached to the leather belts around her waist. Stone dolls, found in other excavations, also carry leather corsets attached to small birds and small animals.
Women in corsets are a common motif for the painting of earlier civilizations such as Krizan, Asirac and Egyptian. One orthodox cross, over 5,000 years old, shows the clergy of the cult of snakes in bronze corsets. Honestly, I have no clue about any of these civilisations and can’t even imagine that this was actually something they were doing. But, hey, you do you, baby.

Shape me like an hour glass, darling

Obviously corsets have been so attractive to wear because of the shape they give to the body. Also, my mom always says Don’t be afraid to show your attributes. That’s probably exactly what Catherine Medici had on her mind when she didn’t allow fat woman to be in her chambers.  From the 15th century on, slim, the cloud shines back into fashion. This, of course, applies to women but also to men. In order to achieve this, the trunks of wood, bone whales, and even metals are made. Can you imagine such a thing on yourself? Henri III, a Frenchman, had such a slender waist that he was subject to envy at the court. His mother, Catherine Medici, condemned that court ladies and maids have a waist of less than 30 inches in diameter. Even if we agree with the fact that 400 years ago the body was smaller, these cages were still very painful.  

Torture with corsets

In the time of the forced modesty and honesty, a corset was a socially accepted method of self-contemplation (not masturbation), but also the accepted method of torture. Imagine this unfortunate young girl who hangs on the rods to shape the figure while the mother and her servant tighten the straps of the corset! A very long and very tight corset was a favourite method of punishing the naughty girls. This kind of corset, sometimes, had metal screws because they better tighten it. A girl walking proudly raised heads took care of a long metal needle embedded in the breast of the corset, and each time the head had cloned the girl got a sharp stab in the scaffold ... 

Care to do a dare with a corset?

No doubt, today's corset returns in fashion, with fashion shows and high fashion stores increasingly entering into everyday life. For those who are not blessed with a naturally-looking figure (or at least think so) this is the fastest way to improve their looks. Because the straight body can be practical, for example in a crowded public transport, but it is not sexy. Some sexologists believe that the most powerful human sexual trainer is a woman's waist.

At the end I dare you to watch Netflix and chill while wearing a corset. If you managed to do it, you get a yearly subscription to this blog.

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